I create sculptural pieces I call "Altered Egos" in the third dimension. I love the surprises that occur when two disparate things tell me that they belong together. When a complete personality emerges, the piece is finished. It speaks for itself. It can be funny, elegant, or shamanistic. It declares itself to me as a personality which often evokes the title.

I think we all wear our outward personas or masks to present ourselves to others and on our mood. I never know how a piece will turn out until it is done. The work that emerges uses materials that have their own story and makes each piece and unique. I have always collected shells, rocks and other natural materials with interesting shapes, colors and textures. My pieces are tactile as well as visual - the textures, shapes and colors play off against each other. Discards and donations are often my tools and I recycle them into large colorful pieces. Found objects of bone, feathers, shells, plastic, wood and wire, collected throughout the world inspire my imagination.

The "portrait masks" started as an ironic visual play on the title of Henry James novel "Portrait of a Lady". Very few of my ladies are ladylike. However, they have evolved a new life of their own.


Dottie Korn-Davis


Dottie can be contacted by email at - dottiekorn-davis@gmail.com



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